Don't turn your Christmas Lights into a Christmas Yikes!

Keep your Christmas merry by following these tips!

1. Know your limits:

Don't overload your circuits with too many lights! Don't connect more than two lights to the same plug (no daisy-chaining power boards for that extra convenience!) This is a sure-fire way to start, well, a fire (for sure).

2. Love yourself:

Make sure your ladders are sturdy and your safety gear is on! Injuries from Christmas decorating is more common than you think, and these accidents overwhelm emergency departments everywhere! So safety first before you start to decorate.

3. Read the box:
Don't let your indoor lights accidentally get jumbled with the outdoor lights. Indoor lights aren't as durable as outdoor ones, so if you get a sprinkle of rain or even if the sprinklers just turn on, you've got a recipe for fire. Not the kind you can roast chestnuts on.

4. Let it go and trade em up: :
If you're not using LED bulbs yet, you're living in the past. The not-very-fire-resistant past. Decorations have come a long way since LEDs first hit the market. If you were holding out because of the look or the expense of LEDs past, why not give our ranges a squiz? You'll be surprised how far the evolution of Christmas lights have taken us.

5. Love your neighbours: :
Don't leave your outdoor lights and sound on all night! Be a good neighbour and turn the display off before you go to sleep.

6. Be mindful of little hands (and paws): :
Don't keep anything in reach of children or pets that can be pulled out, chewed on, or drooled over. Consider a baby gate around the tree or any places that might find little hands exploring.

7. Make a plan: :
Know your lights and where you're going to hang them. Nobody needs their Christmas decorating spree ruined by yet another trip to the store. It might take a little extra time, but it might also save you more time in the long run!

What are your tips for decorating this Christmas? Tell us below!

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