And the results have never been more adorable!

Everyone's favourite Facebook pug stirred up a Youtube storm in this adorable parody of ?All I Want for Christmas is You"?. Instead of crooning to a lover like Mariah, Doug did what Doug does best? Made it all about his love of snacks. In his version, titled ??All I Want for Christmas is Food"?, Doug sings about a very familiar goal to us all: Obtaining snacks. We can relate Doug, we can relate.
The video is at least ten layers of adorable with the small pug appearing in a costume and wig next to Santa, whizzing through the shops in a trolley, eyeing off turkey on a table, and longingly looking at cookie dough bound for the oven. We like to think that he got a lot of treats after the shoot for his high level of self-restraint, if we could reach through the screen to snag that food we would! What a good boy.

Of course, our favourite part of the video was the extravagant Christmas tree filled with rich red ribbon, dazzling baubles, and twinkling lights? personalised, of course, with Doug's donut chew toy sitting between the decorations. It's definitely the personal touches that make Christmas so great! (Though we wouldn't recommend keeping your pet toys in your Christmas tree unless you want it taken down prematurely.)

In his cute little Christmas sweater, it'd be hard to imagine anyone who wouldn't want to share their food with this totally adorable internet pug. We hope you get all the pizza, tacos, donuts, and chipotle of your dreams Doug. Merry Christmas!

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