A tall refreshing change or a Grande mistake?

Starbucks has, right on schedule, released their new cup much to the dismay of Twitter. The cup is green with one hundred people illustrated around the cup using a single line. Starbucks has said in a statement that the image is meant to promote a message of unity. Ironically, this design has caused much divide online. Why? The same reason as last year. People don't feel the cups are festive enough for Christmas and are left wondering if Starbucks has lost its Christmas spirit. Some tweeps (that's twitter peeps) were quick to call a boycott around the choice of a green cup, others rallied to stand behind the design and message.

Even with all the controversy surrounding the Starbucks red cup last year, there was a strong base of supporters wondering if it will return. On November 6, the question was answered- sort of. Starbucks quickly set Twitter ablaze for a second time in the week by releasing a teaser that hinted the return of the iconic #RedCup .

Who knew coffee people would be so serious about their beverages? wrote the author, sarcastically. It's quite clear the right decorations are a top priority for a lot of people this year, so it's best to get planning early. Don't be shy to explore outside the red and green theme for Christmas this year, a little creativity never goes astray! As for your choice of holiday beverages, where do you stand? Are you team #GreenCup or team #RedCup? Personally, I'm of the opinion that if the beverage is warm and festive, #AnyCup will do!

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